Here is a list of all the upcycled products, please feel free to browse the entire collection.

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Made to Order

Owl Vase | Decor | Made to Order

Different Shape Bottles | Planters | Made to Order

Different Shape Bottles | Planters | Made to Order

Chicken Decor Bottle | Made to Order

Decoupage Glass Bottles | Animal Print

Containers | Animal Body | Pattern | Plastic | Made to Order

Mini Pots | Planters | With Handle

Different Shape Bottles | Planters | Vase | Made to Order

Plastic | Panda Brush Holder | Made to Order

Animal Head | Plastic Bottle Decor | Made to Order

Mini Stool | Cardboard | Available

Bottle Cap | Animal Head | Decor | Made to Order | Cartoons

Small Size | Round Shape | Cardboard Tool/Pencil/Pen Holders | Made to Order

Mouse Pad | Available

Round Shape | Hanging| Sculpture | Cardboard | Available

Bird Feeder | Cardboard Homes | Golden and White 

Dry Waste Cardboard Dustbin | Available

Small Size | Round Shape | Cardboard Pot Stand | Made to Order

Different Shapes | Cardboard Storage | Made to Order

Small Size | Round Shape | Cardboard Storage | Made to Order

Party Decor | Cardboard Window Gardland | Made to Order

Animal Shape | Cardboard Storage Box | Available

Golden Square | Cardboard Coasters | Made to Order

Cardboard Vase | Made to Order

Animal Head | Shape | Glass Jars | Holders | Available

Human Face | Decoupage Glass Bottles | Made to Order

Beer Bottles | Decoupage Bottles | Made to Order

Customized Brown Paper Bags | Made to Order

Lamp from Coffee Grinder Machine

Angry Birds | Stone Art | Foreman Pig

Angry Bird | Stone Art 

Animal Patterns | Decoupage Glass Bottles| Made to Order

Wall Decor Made from Different Waste


Wall Decor | Toucan Bird Wall Frame | Made from Cooler Grass

Plastic Owl | Wall frame | Circular board

Gorilla Wall Decor | Made to Order  

Tiger Wall Frame | Made from waste Dupptta beads

Sheep Foil Paper | Wall Decor | Circle Frame

Stone Art | Wall decor | Made from waste cardboard and Stones 

Dog Cat Wall Frame | Made from waste Cardboard

Paper Flower | Wall Decor | Circle | Made from waste newspapers

Paper Flowers | Wall Decor | Circle | Made from waste newspapers

American Embassy School invited us to conduct workshop on waste cardboard December 10, 2022

Two day exhibition at Noida Haat on August 13-14, 2022

Demonstration of solid waste upcycling in MSME Banking Conclave 2022 at Holiday INN, Mayur Vihar on Friday 8, July, 2022

To make plastic free Delhi 'Plastic Vikalp Mela' organised by department of Environment NCT of Delhi, We participated to showcase our products as solution- How to reuse existing waste plastic pollution

Online - Best from Waste June 2022 workshops

Future is Local, Future in Young- Great time with fellow artists at NCUI Auditorium Event on 'World Localization Day' in association with Majlis an art forum and Village square

Conducted Best from Waste workshop for 80+ executives of IT company at Noida on June 11, 2022

40th Hunar Haat had 20 lakh visitors, Mumbai April 17-26, 2022