About Us


In 2017, we started GreenBlueLife, in which we work to reuse the solid waste by converting this waste into beautiful and utility products, which will make our country environmentally more sustainable. We add animal patterns in our products to extend empathy, compassion and kindness to all animals. What We upcycle? We creatively modify dry waste such as plastic bottles, cardboard boxes, glass bottles, paper, wood, e-waste, cloth and much more.


We are a growing everyday. In 2021 we inaugurated our studio at Saket, New Delhi. Our space provides a warm friendly, supportive environment for practical training which supports people to develop work based skills, forge friendships, self-esteem and confidence. 


Archana Dubey, Founder

Self-taught artist, who works around sustainability, work on concepts for up-scaling dry waste into creative meaningful products to save environment and that also, improves livelihoods options in our Country. Archana’s professional journey spans the administration, hospitality, development and fashion sectors. She also work as a Programme Officer, IC-Centre for Governance, an International Non-Profit Civil Society organization which is engaged in looking at important issues of Governance