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Committed to living a greener life?

Learn about upcycling, recycling and
eco-solutions for your office and home in our workshops

Have great fun and be inspired by reusing unwanted stuff.

Our upcycling classes/workshops introduce you to fantastic ways to transform unwanted things into something to cherish. We conduct workshops for local community groups, schools, students and individuals

Great way to spend time with a group of friends and create new ideas for your office and home – all from things you used to throw in the bin.

From clothing to furniture this eco-trend is all about creating your own unique style from waste!  Workshops are run by experienced creative practitioners, tailored to suit the age and ability of your group and designed to raise awareness of environmental issues. The Benefits of upcycling –

List of all Workshops

Paper Mache

Best From Waste

Upcycle plastic bottles

Stone Art

Decoupage Bottle Art

Vase Making Workshop

Making things from Cardboard

Making of Paper Bag

Bird Making Workshop

Greeting Card Making from Waste

Upcycling is all the rage right now!

2 day in a week


Upto 2 hours


Limited seats

Unlimited creativity

Do you know someone who'd love up-cycling ? Tell them about it...